Monday, 23 September 2013

Nobody else can do this as good as BlackBerry, claims Thorsten Heins

Let’s discuss Enterprise Mobility Services, which includes both traditional enterprise business and new mobile computing opportunities in vertical markets such as automotive. Blackberry’s goal is to remain number one in Enterprise Mobility Management and have completely reengineered and rebuilt BES 10 to achieve that objective. Since announcing BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, this service has been installed by customers all around the world and secure workspace for iOS and Android devices has been tried globally with many BlackBerry customers.

At the time of BlackBerry Live in May, 12,000 companies that had installed BES 10 for commercial or test purposes; today, this commercial and test installed base have grown to 19,000, in a period of four weeks, a clear indication of the strong enterprise interest in reengineered BlackBerry 10 Enterprise platform.

While the Enterprise environment requires longer sales cycles than consumer-only focus product, the successful adoption of BES 10 and enterprise remains the single most important driver for Blackberry for future unit sales and service revenue opportunities.

Already over 60% of all of BlackBerry’s Fortune 500 customers, as well as market of government agencies have already installed BES 10. With BES 10 the massive challenge for Blackberry during this transformation is moving from a vertical BlackBerry-only proprietary player to providing a comprehensive cross platform management solution that is evolving to an Enterprise Mobile Services platform regardless of the device deployed.

The demonstration displaying BlackBerry 10 was also provided where an employee was showing an iPad and Android Nexus phone which was being run and managed by BES 10. So this way BES 10 outside key managers lower the total cost of ownership for the enterprise mobility and it also represents a key element of the strategic cross platform direction that BlackBerry is taking.

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‘I probably can’t provide you a more concrete example of adapting and making real change at BlackBerry and that we have gone from dismissing to bring your own device to work trend to actually embracing it and driving it in the enterprise services and we think we’ve taken the offering and technology to a whole new level in enterprise, getting them ready for not just mobile communication but also get them ready for mobile computing and its BlackBerry who is enabling this based on a very strong BES 10 services platform’ said Thorsten Heins.

So with this type of innovation that Blackberry is driving relentlessly through the company and into the market, they have product at hand with BES 10 being a premier solution for enterprises.

Thorsten also added, ‘And we all follow the news, let’s be very, very clear, the topic of security and enterprises, the topic of privacy for consumers is coming back full force and that is for BlackBerry 10 helps protect corporate assets and information, and that is we are on the same device managed by BES 10 and balance, BlackBerry helps to also keep your privacy. Nobody else can do this as good as BlackBerry and it matters, nobody loves to talk about it’.

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