Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Speech to Remember – Best & Worst

Best Speech Ever: Barack Obama, is the most powerful man in the world and one of the best orators ever. This was the speech he delivered before he won the elections in 2008. The then Senator Mr. Barack Obama rattled the audiences all over the world with this exhilarating speech. This speech is like something that we would expect straight out of a Hollywood movie, and it also represents why he won the elections twice. One of the best speeches I have ever heard, got the audiences on their feet and he won the world over.

Transcript of the first 4 mins from his speech is given below:

“…but understand this argument that words don’t matter, the most important thing that we can do right now is to re-engage the American people in the process of governments to get them excited and interested again in what works and what can work in our government to make politics cool again, and important again and relevant again. Don't tell me words don't matter, I have a dream, just words. We always chose to be self-evident, where all men are created equal, just words. We have nothing to fear but fear itself, just words, just speeches. Its true that speeches don’t solve all problems, but what is also true is if we cannot inspire the country to believe again, then it doesn't matter how many policies and plans we have and that is why I'm running for President of United States of America and that’s why we just won 8 elections straight because the American people want to believe in change again, don’t tell me words don’t matter.  Don’t tell me ideals and inspirations don’t matter, don’t tell me hope doesn’t matter its fascinating to me to see, that lately my campaign has been criticized because I talk about hope too much, ah, he’s talking about hope again, he’s so naïve, he’s so idealistic his head’s in the clouds, he’s a hope monger, he needs a reality check, he’s peddling false hopes.

 False hopes, the notion is apparently that if you talk about hope, you must not have a clear view of reality that you must just be you know going around happy as can be, ignorant of those mean republicans out there all the barriers that stand in your way. Its true I talk about hope a lot, I talk about hope because its very likely that I am standing on this stage here tonight. I was born to a teenage mom, my father left when I was 2. I was raised by a single mother and my grandparents. They didn’t have money and they didn’t have wealth. They had no status. They gave me love, they gave me an education, and they gave me hope and so I do talk about hope, we put hope on our side.

 I delivered a speech in Boston about hope, I wrote a book called the audacity of hope, but this notion that somehow hopes are false, that implies that hope is blind optimism, that you’re passive and you’re waiting and you’re shirking from a fight, that’s not what hope is, hope is not blind optimism, hope is not ignoring the challenges that stand in your way. I know how hard it will be to bring about change in this country. I know how hard its going to be to deliver on universal health care, if it was easy it would already have been done. I know how difficult it would be to bring about a sensible energy policy in this country. Exxon Mobil made eleven billion dollars this past quarter, they don’t want to give up their profits easily. I know how hard it will be to alleviate poverty in places like Intercity Milwaukee or the South Side of Chicago. That poverty has built up over generations, over centuries, same thing in the reservations. There's a long history there that we’ve never fully accounted for, I know how hard it will be to fix our schools…”

Worst political speech in history: Phil Davidson delivers one of the most terrible speeches during the nominations of candidates for GOP from Stark County. This candidate looks like he is freaking out and is probably going to take out a shotgun and start shooting. He is pumped up about the elections alright. While introducing himself as a nominee, he says that he has a ‘Masters in Communications’, really. One of the most hilarious speeches I have ever seen. This guy seriously needs to get himself some anti-depressants, and by the way, he LOST.  

Best Oscar Acceptance Speech ever: One of the best Oscar acceptance speeches was from Russell Crowe, when he won his first Academy Award for Best Actor in Gladiator. It was just so concise, delivered with all his grace, yet it was so heartfelt. The speech was just ordinary until the last 20 seconds that just stole the show for me, undoubtedly, one of the best Oscar Acceptance speeches of all time.

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Most Ecstatic Oscar Speech: When I hear ecstatic and speech together, one name that always comes up is Cuba Gooding JR, when he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Jerry Maguire. The surprise and genuinity of the speech was clearly understood by his emotions which he couldn’t control. He wasn’t trying to fake sophistication; the man was just happy and couldn’t control his emotions. It was rather funny.

Worst Oscar Speech ever: Mellissa Leo won the Oscar for Best Supporting actress for her role in ‘The Fighter’ (2010). These guys are professional performers, who woo millions of people on screen, but on the grandest stage of them all, they cannot handle a 3-minute speech. This is one of the most irritating speeches; Mellissa thinks she is still on screen acting. Mellissa Leo just starts acting freakily that she’s nervous and showing off every time she gets the chance to. It was just awful, and unpleasant to the eyes and ears. I hope she never wins again, so that I don’t have to watch something like that again.

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