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Apple iPhone 5S & 5C

iPhone 5S & 5C

It is that time of the year again, the time when Apple introduces their new iPhone 5S and we are all waiting excitedly for the launch of the next iPhone. All the rumors about the iPhone Event seem to be somehow have been true. Yes, we do have iPhone coming in two variants now, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. Let’s look at some of the highlights from this year’s Apple’s iPhone event.

1.  iOS 7: Tim Cook started off the event by talking about the iOS 7. iOS 7 will be available in all the new iOS devices, and all iPhones after the iPhone 4, Second Gen iPad or newer, iPad Mini and also Fifth Gen iPod Touch. Tim cook also enlightened us that Apple will be shipping its 700th million iOS device next month. iOS 7 features were the same that we have seen earlier in the year at WWDC, so no need to get into the details of those.

2. iPhone 5C: Yes, it’s true, and for all the jealous iPhone haters out there, the C stands for Color, not Cheap. The iPhone 5C will have the same hardware as the one we have seen in the iPhone 5, only with an upgraded bigger battery on the iPhone 5C.

(i.)       The iPhone 5C comes in five vibrant colors, green, white, blue, yellow and pink. Though it is made out of plastic, it looks stunning.
(ii.)      The iPhone 5C comes with Apple’s A6 processor and 4 inch Retina Display, same as the one seen on the iPhone 5.
(iii.)     The camera for the iPhone 5C will be a 8MP snapper with BSI sensor, and the front camera will be 1.9 ultra pixels which will be able to record 1080p videos effortlessly.
(iv.)     The iPhone 5C will come in 16/32/64 GB variants, priced at $99, $199 and $299 respectively for a two-year contract.
(v.)      The iPhone 5C will be available for pre-order in the U.S. as early as September 13, and around the world at September 20.

3. iPhone 5S: This year’s iPhone 5S comes with a new processor, A7  SoC chipset with a 64-bit architecture. This is the first smartphone to come up with a 640-bit architecture. Nobody saw this coming; I am surprised as I did not think that Apple would change the processor on the 5S. The A7 chip is twice as fast as the A6 chip. The iOS 7 has been restructured for the 64-bit architecture, but 32-bit apps will run just fine.

·  Also the iPhone 5S will come in three different colors, black, grey and gold, something that was rumored earlier.
·  The Graphics on the iPhone 5S has also been upgraded to OpenGL ES 3.0.
·  Along with Apple’s A7 chip, you also have the M7 chip on board, which handles data from the accelerometer, compass and other sensors. The M7 chip is used to track your moves, so something like the fitness apps will have more of an accurate measurement than before.
·   The battery also seemed to have been bumped up from before. You will find the details regarding the battery on the snapshot.

Camera: This is something that we have been looking forward to. After looking at some excellent camera phones from the competition, Apple just had to upgrade their camera. We’re still not sure how many Mega Pixels the iPhone 5S camera has, but we know that they have changed the sensors. The sensors on the camera are 15% larger, which would mean more light. The camera also comes with dual-LED flash, along with the sensors and the dual-LED; get ready for some amazing low-light photography.

Also the iPhone 5S takes several shots and pick the best one for you, I’m sure we have heard this before, not sure if it has been patented.  The camera can take 120 fps slow motion video at 720p recording. The Apple iPhone 5S is certainly one of the best camera phones out in the market and I cannot wait to get my hands-on the phone’s camera.

Fingerprint Sensor: Just as we thought that the event was about to be concluded, the rumors have come true once again, the iPhone 5S does come with a fingerprint sensor which has been embedded on the home button. It is called the Touch ID Sensor. It scans the sub-epidermal skin layers. You can unlock your phone with the fingerprint sensor and also set it as the password for iTunes. Finally, after a long time, we see Apple come up with something innovative.

The iPhone 5S will be available in 3 models, 16/32/64 GB priced at a healthy $199/$299/$399 respectively. Also now, the iPhone 4S is free on contract. The Iphone 5S will be available on September 20 in the U.S. and around the world.

Though there are not many revolutionary upgrades to the iPhone 5S, I still think that Apple has managed to do well with their iPhone 5S version, fingerprint scanner, a faster processor, the camera and iOS 7 are the key highlights of this year’s iPhone 5S.

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