Monday, 2 September 2013

Expect the Unexpected from Galaxy Note 3 @ Samsung's Unpacked Event (IFA '13)

We have all heard various rumors about the Note 3, but can Samsung pull a rabbit out of the hat, can they surprise their fans with something unexpected. Let’s look at a few possibilities of how they can manage to do that:

1.  Octa-core Processor: if Samsung does indeed decide to go with the Octa-core processor for its international version of the Note 3, the least we can expect from Samsung is that they will take care of the overheating issues that we have seen in the Samsung galaxy s4.

2.    Camera: For once, I want the rumors to be wrong and I want Samsung to surprise us with a better camera than the one used in the Galaxy S4. Also I would like to see the much hyped S-orb on the Note 3. S-orb is a 360° Panorama shot, Samsung’s version of the photosphere that we have seen in test videos and one we expect from Google in the next version of its android operating system, Key Lime Pie. Optical Image Stabilization, if Samsung can pull it off will be another great addition to the camera features, and also one of the selling points for the phone.

3.   Design: The design of the Note 3 is rumored to be very similar in terms of the Galaxy S4, as we have seen in previous launches of both devices. What would surprise us would be a different design, NOT based on the S4 or maybe a design that involves the use of less plastic, a major surprise would be an aluminum design. With the screen size most likely to be bigger than the previous 5.5 inch, I expect the Note 3 to be longer rather than being wider, which feels much more comfortable in the hand.

4.   Key Lime Pie: Will Note 3 be the first device to come with the much awaited Google’s fifth installment of its operating system, Key Lime Pie. If Samsung do manage to pull this off, it would certainly give them an edge compared to its competitors, and might be a huge selling point for the phone, especially since the launch of iPhone 5S is also rumored to be around the same timeframe. We saw the Note 2 become the first phone to ship in with the Jellybean operating system, can lightning strike twice?

5.    S-Pen: Nobody is talking about the S-pen. Samsung itself has been very tight-lipped about the S-pen, is this the calm before the storm? I am certain that we are going to see huge upgrades to the S-pen. Instead of S-pen replacing the finger, I would like to see the S-pen operate more like a mouse. Also, a scrolling feature in the S-pen would be a huge surprise, but is that a lot to ask for, lets wait and watch.

All eyes in Berlin, all we can do at this stage is speculate and I am sure everyone's as excited as I am for one of the most anticipated smartphone releases of 2013.


  1. > 4. Key Lime Pie: Will Note 3 be the first device to come with the much awaited Google’s fifth installment of its operating system, Key Lime Pie.

    "KitKat" is the name for Android 4.3, not "Key Lime Pie":

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