Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sailing through the 'Tides of Memory'

Another fantastic piece by the spellbinding storyteller of all times, Tilly Bagshawe and Sidney Sheldon present an intriguing saga which leaves you hanging amidst the very fine line in actual life events and fictional yarns.

Beautiful beyond words, filthy rich, pampered, the privileged party girl Tony Gilleti and her lover Billy Hamlin witness a young kid's drowning. Billy convicted of murder gets a 15 year sentence, whereas tony decides to leave home sanitizing her past.

It takes a lifelong to aspire and achieve the zenith, but only an instant, a single unguarded instant to lose it all!!

Alexia De Vere - The lady with a formidable and captivating past lives in a charade full of dark deadly currents which could anytime put her on the brink of losing everything. Appointed as the home secretary of Great Britain, Alexia has the world at her feet with an aristocratic husband, a doting son and a berserk daughter.

The story revolves around a thrilling plot full of suspense, unpredictable turns, threats from past and a mysterious stalker who would in time change her whole life by bringing forth all the lies, the memories and the hidden truth of her past which she has camouflaged for so long, but all that can save her now is the truth itself!

How far will each of them go to conceal the truth? To maintain the family heritage, to protect their loved ones?
What happens when you spend your life with people you think you know, but ultimately realize you DON'T!!

Here's a story about unconditional love, friendship, betrayal and much more.

A must read for all the Sheldon fans. Interesting gripping turns with heart throbbing suspense throughout the tale. Tilly Bagshawe truly keeps up to Sheldon's reputation with this classic thriller relating to the past getting in your present to frame your future. 'Tides Of Memory' is a heart racing fiction thriller book with so many twists and turns that it would set your pulse racing, and if it doesn't, then let’s just say you need to get your meds checked!!

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